Hormone Replacement Therapy in Connecticut

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) at Dolce Vida Medical Spa is a personalized treatment designed to alleviate symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances. Using Biote, a leading name in hormone therapy, this treatment involves a detailed consultation, comprehensive medical history evaluation, and in-house lab work to tailor the treatment to individual needs. The therapy primarily uses pellet insertion, a method known for its efficacy and convenience. Hormone Replacement is suitable for both men and women experiencing symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, and decreased libido, which are often associated with aging and hormonal changes. The results of HRT can be felt within a few weeks, with the duration of benefits varying based on individual factors. The therapy aims to restore hormonal balance, improving overall well-being and quality of life.

At Dolce Vida Medical Spa in Connecticut, our approach to Hormone Replacement Therapy focuses on ensuring a comfortable and effective experience for each client. From the initial consultation to the on-site pellet insertion, every step is managed with precision and care. Alongside HRT, we also provide recommendations for vitamins and supplements available for purchase, complementing the hormonal treatment for optimal results. If you’re experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance and seek a rejuvenated sense of well-being, book an appointment for Hormone Replacement Therapy at Dolce Vida Medical Spa. Discover the difference a balanced hormonal state can make in your life.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Individuals experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance, such as fatigue, mood swings, or decreased libido, often related to aging, are ideal candidates.

Most patients feel the benefits within a few weeks after starting the treatment.

The duration of results varies, but many experience sustained benefits for several months following each treatment session.

There is minimal downtime. Some may experience temporary discomfort or bruising at the pellet insertion site.

Before the treatment, it’s important to provide a complete medical history and undergo necessary lab tests. After the treatment, follow any specific care instructions provided by your Dolce Vida Medical Spa provider.

The treatment involves an initial consultation, lab work, and the insertion of a hormone pellet under the skin, typically in the hip area. This procedure is relatively quick and causes minimal discomfort.


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