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You can accomplish a lot with diet and exercise when it comes to achieving a slimmer waist and a firm butt, but it’s impossible to exercise your way to a more voluptuous bottom. The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a procedure that makes it possible to have a rounder, fuller derriere by removing fat from where you don’t want it and injecting it into the buttocks.

The medical professionals here at Dolce Vida Medical Spa are dedicated to helping men and women look and feel their best with a wide array of aesthetic and wellness services, including the popular Brazilian Butt Lift. If you’ve always wanted a rounder, fuller butt, now is the time to consider a BBL. Read on to learn more about how a BBL can help you achieve your perfect bottom at our offices in Westport, Trumbull, and Hamden, Connecticut.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The BBL makes it possible to sculpt your derriere and enhance your figure. The path to the perfect butt involves using your own fat to add volume and enhance the shape of your buttocks. Liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks is an excellent option for patients who have unwanted fat in one area and desire to increase the volume of their buttocks.

The liposuction slims and contours your figure, while the fat transfer shapes and adds volume to your buttocks for a double benefit. We can remove unwanted fat from the stomach, waist, and inner thighs and inject it into your buttocks to give you the fullness you’ve always wanted.

BBL recovery

As with any surgical procedure, soreness after a BBL is normal and to be expected. Your safety and comfort are our No. 1 priority. Pain can be managed with medication and typically resolves within 1-2 days. Soreness may last 2-8 weeks following your procedure. Most people are back to work within 1-2 weeks, depending on your profession and the amount of fat removed and transferred to your buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift benefits

The BBL provides impressive results and offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Outpatient (no hospital stay required)
  • IV sedation instead of general anesthesia (lower risk)
  • Highly customizable and can be combined with other procedures
  • Immediate results
  • Natural-looking
  • Very small incisions
  • Lasting results
  • Minimal downtime
  • Enhanced overall body contour

While some of the fat is reabsorbed by the body, as long as body weight remains stable, the results after 6-8 weeks are permanent.

Are you a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

If you’re considering a BBL, schedule a consultation with the Dolce Vida Medical Spa team. For the best results, ideal candidates:

  • Are in good health
  • Are nonsmokers
  • Have sufficient fat
  • Have realistic expectations

Our team is happy to discuss your candidacy for the BBL with you.

The Dolce Vida Spa team is proud to help you achieve your body goals and is focused on your safety and satisfaction. To learn more about the BBL, and to get started, reach out to our team to schedule your initial consultation.

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