Repair Summer Sun Damage WIth an IPL Photofacial

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As the summer season comes to a close — always too soon, it seems — you’re left with memories of lazy afternoons, warm breezes, and plenty of sunshine. These days, you’re much more diligent about protecting your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but if that wasn’t always the case, you may have also accumulated some sun-damaged skin over the last decade along with your summer memories.

If brown spots, wrinkles, and lines are making your skin look older than your true age, there’s an easy solution: IPL photofacials.

At Dolce Vida Med Spa, in Hamden, Westport, and Trumbull, Connecticut, we offer personalized skin care and aesthetic services so you can look your best at every age — even if you spent too much time lying in the hot sun before you knew any better. Discover how you can repair summer sun damage with an IPL photofacial.

The technology behind intense pulsed light

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is an advanced light therapy that targets areas of too much pigment in your skin. These include red and brown spots, areas of pigment that are darker than your normal skin tone, freckles, and sun damage. An IPL photofacial can reduce the appearance of all these pigment imperfections on your face, hands, neck, and chest.

The technology behind IPL photofacials lies in the multiple wavelengths of light energy that penetrate below the surface of your skin to break up melanin cells. The pigment disperses into fine spots at the surface of your skin and gradually flakes off to expose a more even skin tone and younger-looking complexion. A series of IPL photofacials can reveal a healthier, more radiant layer of skin where there was once uneven pigment or dark patches.

A powerful, yet noninvasive skin treatment

An IPL photofacial is noninvasive and nonablative, meaning the treatment is safe and gentle; it doesn’t remove a layer of your skin like some other types of laser skin rejuvenation. In fact, the multiple wavelengths of light energy go beneath your skin’s surface, leaving your skin intact and unharmed.

During treatment to repair summer sun damage, you feel a warming sensation from the IPL photofacial handpiece as the light waves quickly penetrate your skin in rapid succession. Some people compare the sensation to the snapping of a tiny rubber band. It’s not painful, but you may feel some slight discomfort.

If you’re concerned about comfort, your medical aesthetics professional can apply a cooling gel to the area prior to treatment. Depending on which area you’re having treated, an IPL photofacial can take anywhere from just a few minutes to up to an hour. To maximize the benefits of your IPL photofacials, it’s important to wear sunscreen and protect your skin from the sun after and in between treatments.

IPL targets blotchy skin, fine lines, and large pores

After yet another summer soaking up the sun — even with sunscreen — your skin may look blotchy, and you may even have enlarged pores and a few extra fine lines and wrinkles. The team at Dolce Vida Med Spa customizes an IPL photofacial treatment plan that targets the blotchiness and enlarged pores and helps minimize wrinkles and fine lines — all without downtime.

During an IPL photofacial, the light waves that go below the surface of your skin not only break up dark spots, but they also encourage new collagen production. Collagen is a natural protein in your skin that fills in wrinkles and helps your skin appear smoother and firmer over time.

Keep the summer memories and get rid of the sun damage with an IPL photofacial. Find out more about IPL therapy and how it can improve the appearance of your skin. Call the Dolce Vida Med Spa office closest to you, or click the button to request an appointment through our online booking system.

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